Vision and Mission

The vision of this Center is to support the EU SDGs through the collaboration between the National University, Enterprises of Nepal, Government and other stakeholders for promoting Research and Development (R&D), Entrepreneurship and Curriculum Development.

Contribution to National Development

The vision of this Center is to boost the Nation development through the collaboration between the National University, Enterprises of Nepal, Government and other stakeholders for promoting Research and Development (R&D).


University Enterprise Center has collaborated with others academic Institution nationally and Internationally, various enterprises from local and national level, researchers, experts and other stakeholders.

Shared Values

University Enterprise Center, Nepal operates by following different guidelines.

Prof. Dr. Sudha Tripathi, Rector, Tribhuvan University

Prof. Dr. Sudha Tripathi

Rector, Tribhuvan University

In developing and under-developed countries of Asia, there is a significant knowledge resources in Universities required to uplift and revolutionize the Enterprises whereas the Enterprises has necessary physical and financial resources to uplift the Universities, however these two vital sectors remain detached and their potential and resources remain untapped. University-Enterprise Collaboration (UEC) helps to develop Nepalese Universities as Research and Innovation based Universities for addressing social issues, making economic growth, job creation, revitalizing the enterprises and revolutionizing the market, making Enterprises able to compete in International market  and supporting Entrepreneurship. For this purpose, the National resources should be integrated to make an impact. HUB4GROWTH is an Impact project which leads the intregration process of  University and Industry sector for creating socio economic footprints.

Asst. Prof. Mahendra Raj Dhital, Coordinator

Asst. Prof. Mahendra Raj Dhital


Bold and visionary partnerships between Universities and Enterprises can accelerate innovation and deliver solutions to pressing social challenges. Setting up a multidisciplinary institute on campus in partnership with industry can help break down traditional academic silos & drive a new multidisciplinary culture and curricula. The university in the 21st century should be viewed not just as a generator of ideas but as a source of knowledge and competence that can benefit society. Universities is to become entrepreneurial universities that contribute to national economic development & that attain a financial advantage through the commercial and industrial application of research. HUB4GROWTH provides a common platform for the National Enterprises, Universities, Government Authorities & other stakeholders to come together for the upliftment of Individual potential thereby ultimately achieving Socio Economic Development.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nava Raj Karki, Advisor

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nava Raj Karki


Embedding employability into the core of higher education should be a key priority of Government, Universities and Enterprises. This will bring both private and public benefit significantly, demonstrating higher education’s broader role in contributing to economic growth as well as its vital role in social and cultural development. Countries must implement multi-sectorial approach for the development of the curriculum that should include broad presence and participation of the components of the society. University-industry relationships have been mutually beneficial to both. Enterprises collaboration with universities is more innovative, can introduce new products, develop new processes and emerge globally competitive. HUB4GROWTH plays vital role for creating University Enterprise relationship that will enhance the multi sectoral development of the Nation.

Tej Binod Pandey, Researcher

Tej Binod Pandey


Due to the potential financial rewards of patents and licenses that results from the commercialization of academic research, some universities seek industrial partnerships. This can decrease the government funding gap for the universities. The university use patent revenues to support activities that are not market oriented, such as the teaching mission of institutions. Faculty benefit through the exposure to leading-edge scientific equipment which are not available in university labs. Additional lines of research are pursued due to the equipment and facilities which ultimately contribute to faculty productivity. This will help the universities to elevate their stature, attract funds and top class students and other Human resource. Employment opportunities are also highly enhanced through these collaborations. HUB4GROWTH creates resesarch environment in the University which will transfrom it into Innovation Center that can contribute for the development of the Nation.

Mandip Kumar Thakur, Technical Staff

Mandip Kumar Thakur

Technical Staff

Samyam Koirala, Researcher

Samyam Koirala



Workshop I On Developing Strategies for Enterprise and Employability activities

Workshop I On Developing Strategies for Enterprise and Employability activities

Seminar Hall, Pulchowk Campus Pulchowk, Lalitpur    2018-09-12

University-Enterprise relations and developing strategic plans in the field of enterprise relations and employability.

Workshop II   On   Employbility

Workshop II On Employbility

Gorkha Eco-Panel Jagati, Bhaktapur    2018-09-21

The program was organize to show concept of employability and how create it.

Workshop IV On   Management of University Employability and Career Services

Workshop IV On Management of University Employability and Career Services - Practical Approach

Seminar Hall, CM program, IOE, Pulchowk Campus    2018-09-26

The program identify the problems on employability and how to manage it.

Workshop III Knowledge and Technological Transfer to Entrepreneurs

Workshop III Knowledge and Technological Transfer to Entrepreneurs

Seminar Hall, WR Program, IOE, TU    2018-09-24

This program was organize to show, concept of knowledge transfer and how universities are contrubuting for enhancing skills of student.

Furthur Events


Business Plan Competition

The Business plan competition has been organised in seminar hall of Water Resource Program, Pulchowk Campus on date of 29th sep, 2018.


Service II On Online services for Students

Student of Pulchowk Campus has been trained by Er. Tej Binod Pandey about what UEC can do for delivering the knowledge and information sharing. Er. Suman Mishra explained about importance of online service.


Student’s Service Development Service I

Student of Pulchowk Campus has been trained by Er. Suman Mishra on Research Methodology. The Participant were more then 35 .


Mou Signing Ceremony (Research, Training and Job Placement)

The subject matter of the MOU was Research, Training and Job Placement of IOE, Pulchowk Campus. The MOU ceremony was held at place of Gorkha Eco-Panel which is situated at Jagati, Bhaktapaur.


Entrepreneurship Day

In the Occasion of celebrating 1st Entrepreneurship Day, Coordinator of UEC Asst.Prof. Mahendra Raj Dhital deliver a speech on importance of entrepreneur in developing countries like Nepal.


Employability survey and record keeping

Employability survey and record keeping in co-ordination with Hub4Grwoth co-ordination.


Contact Info.

Contact Information about HUB4GROWTH

Email: info@hub4growthtu.edu.np
Phone: +977-9841806109, +977-9851215787
Fax: +977-1-5525830
Address: Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal
P.O. Box: 7765

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